What clients are saying ...

"I do believe we all hear from The Lord, however, Donna's communication with Him is at a totally different level!!  She has guided me in difficult situations around my home life & concerns with my daughter, as well as in my business; & her prophetic mentorship has calmed my heart, given me the hope I needed to keep going & surrender all my worries to Him."

Kari Olson 
Christian Mindset & Business Coach (Minnesota, USA)

"Donna has incredible prophetic insight, as well as very powerful & effective prayers! These prayers have personally helped me receive relief from physical pain & spiritual attack, as well as break soul ties!! Donna truly loves & cares about her clients & wants them to have a deeper relationship with God, & experience Jesus & Holy Spirit in a more powerful way in their everyday life. You are worth investing in yourself & allowing Donna to coach & lead you to that breakthrough you have been praying for!!"

Jenn Filer
Victory Mindset Coach 
(Pennsylvania, USA)

Robyn Merrilees (NSW, Australia)

“Donna has a vast experience operating in the gifts of the Spirit and learning from her has taken my relationship with God to a level that I had only dreamed of and I now hear Him much more clearly than I ever have before.

I have learned so much about God's Kingdom perspective of life and how to live victoriously connected to His Spirit. I have learned to hear God in a far greater way and be obedient to what He is saying to me, leading to much better decisions for my life rather than relying on my own thinking. This has been particularly useful for my ministry structure, operation, and planning. 

I have much more confidence in what I am doing. I have found Donna's communication and interaction have been very timely and insightful and seasoned with grace. I always learn a Kingdom perspective, grow and move forward as a person with greater faith and confidence.

I highly recommend working with Donna. She brings a Godly perspective that is very empowering. The mentoring group is so encouraging with amazing Kingdom Women who are all willing to support you on your life journey of faith. It's a great safe community where you can grow."

Therese (NSW, Australia)

"Donna builds my confidence in recognising God at work in my life. I'm beginning to recognise when I'm believing lies about God,  myself or other people. I can then change my thinking to align with God's thoughts about us. God is SO positive,  He is a life giver in all circumstances.

Donna has taught me to know how to hear God for myself. She gives practical steps to increase my ability to grow in hearing God. So many times Donna spoke into my circumstances from God's perspective that "pulled" me up higher to see the bigger picture. I use that encouragement in my prayers. Having someone to mentor you in growing in your journey with God is the most amazing gift you can give yourself. That gift has ripple effects into the life of everyone you meet.

Having the opportunity to have a mentor is God's gift to you. In the secular realm we pay to have advanced study, be that uni, TAFE, any other other course you want to learn more about something so why not value  learning when it comes to our spiritual growth and invest. 

It is a safe place to learn, to be challenged,  to meet others who want to grow spiritually. God is using the internet  to make wonderful connections for His children all around the world. It takes away isolation when physically you live in distant places. Being mentored by Donna has been one of God's greatest gifts to me to come closer to Him. Donna always points you to Jesus, never to herself."

Kate (NSW, Australia)

“Donna speaks from the heart with compassion, knowledge & truth of God's word. Donna spoke at a recent women's retreat I attended & in one session taught on how we can hear God's voice & with that knowledge in hand, we all participated in an exercise to ask God a specific question & then to listen to the response (no pressure!). For me, I received an answer to a heart's cry I'd had for many months & I knew it wasn't my own thoughts. When you hear the truth, it will resonate & excite the passion of Holy Spirit within you to keep working in your heart & life."

"Donna shared her story of how she discovered Jesus & how He has changed & healed so many areas of her life, thoughts, mindsets & emotions. As hard as that may have been to share, I was so encouraged that God could also heal areas in my life I haven't yet given over. There is no pain that is too big for God!"

Rachael (VIC, Australia)

“Donna is a person I feel safe with.  Her acceptance, warmth and compassion are coupled with a breadth and depth of spiritual and life experience that give me confidence in her. She lifts me up and helps me see more in myself than I see.” 

Anonymous (NSW, Australia)

I have experienced the overwhelming love of God. I now look forward to reading my Bible and quiet time with God each morning. Donna lives and teaches from a heart that has experienced God's grace and love. She explains things in a way that you can understand - not in difficult, long-winded theological terms.” 

Rachel  (NSW, Australia)

“Wow! Learning my identity in Christ has brought me closer to God than ever. I also have learnt to talk to the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.

Having Zoom meetings with others and one on one with Donna makes my day everytime. I’ve learnt and have been reminded of great things God has done and can do for me too, I get more excited talking about God and my Lord Jesus.

Donna has been literally a blessing from God. I have been struggling in a lot of areas of my life and I can honestly say she has shown me that God loves me and that I’m awesome in His eyes. My head is still trying to believe it but my heart already does.  Donna is a lovely, kind person with a true Godly heart for helping people. Her knowledge of the Bible and God impresses me every time.

Tanya Harris (VICAustralia)

Working with Donna has brought clarity into situations I am going through and has helped me gain tools to work towards victory in the areas that have stopped me from moving forward. The online group has enabled me to meet with other Christian women who want to deepen their walk with God also. Working with Dona means I am able to talk about spiritual things on topic in a safe place. We are given on the spot activation activities than we don’t need to do on our own. 

 I have had challenges in our family business for many years but couldn’t work out how to fix it. In my time with Donna clarity came, and through prayer and strategies we are seeing breakthroughs in our business! 

 There were many times there were things I needed to hear at the right time- in both private and group sessions. Donna listening to the Holy Spirit brings those moments. 

 Donna is tuned to the Holy Spirit, provides great tools and great strategies are shared in the group sessions."

Jenny (United Kingdom)

“Donna is a kind and compassionate Christian Life Coach and I really enjoyed my sessions with her.  She honoured and accepted where I was at in my life, whilst gently encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.  She is wise and led by the Holy Spirit, which is important to me as a Christian.  She prayed with me each time and I saw significant answers to prayer.

Roslyn (QLD, Australia)

“Having experienced different mentoring and coaching experiences, some negative and some positive, I found Donna Cole’s coaching to be authentic and dependable-such a precious gem. Donna centres the client,  thinks outside the box, fine tunes and ‘pin points’ possible solutions. I thoroughly recommend her coaching for children through seniors. Her discernment and wisdom prove flawless. She assisted me prioritise a ‘where to now’ list, clarified forward progress with other projects and pinpointed issues. I will definitely work with Donna again. I know she can be trusted to help and thus this review.