How can Prophetic Consulting benefit you, your family and business/ministry?

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See your business increase in income, influence, and impact with divinely inspired strategies.

The Prescient Prophetic Consulting Company consists of  prophetic warriors who seek the Lord for wisdom, clarity, confirmations, and strategies for businesses, ministries and leaders to enable them to increase in income, influence and impact in the world around them.

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I do believe we all hear from The Lord- however Donna's communication with Him is at a totally different level!!  She has guided me in difficult situations around my home life and concerns with my daughter, as well as in my business; and her prophetic mentorship has calmed my heart, given me the hope I needed to keep going and surrender all my worries to Him. 


Kari Olson

Christian Mindset & Business Coach (Minnesota, U.S.A.)

How can Prophetic Consulting benefit you?

  • God’s perspectives, strategies & blueprints

  • Gain clarity & confirmations in making decisions

  • Increase in income, influence, & impact

  • Gain confidence in hearing Holy Spirit for yourself

  • Receive consistent prayer covering over you, your family and business/ministry

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Who is Donna Cole?

Donna Cole is the owner and founder of the Prescient Prophetic Consulting Company. As a Prophetic Mentor and Consultant, Donna passionately empowers Christian business and ministry leaders, like you, to confidently hear Holy Spirit, go deeper in God, gain clarity in their decisions, and be able to see miracles happen in their daily lives.  

Donna has spent many years equipping, empowering and mentoring Christian leaders all over the world through her dynamic Courageous Kingdom Women network. She uses her seer, discernment and prophetic giftings to equip leaders to gain God’s perspective about themselves and their situations, and to help them think, see and believe like Jesus. This enables them to live in the victory, abundance and the freedom that Jesus has for them everyday.


Prophetic Consultation Packages

  • These Consultation Sessions are a strategic & powerful time to hear what is happening in your business/ministry & life, & to answer any questions you may have, & are usually between 1 to 1.5 hours
  • The Prophetic Consultant conducts the confidential consultation to speak directly & personally into your life & your business/ministry to:
    • empower you to gain insight into God‚Äôs plans & receive implementation strategies
    • to help you gain insight into the enemy‚Äôs schemes & receive strategies to thwart them
    • pray prayers that are strategically aimed to target your needs, to partner with your prayers, & see that you have accelerated breakthrough in your business/ministry & life

Free Voxer Access 24/7 *

  • Voxer is an instant messaging service that is made available for you to share any unforeseen prayer requests and questions that may arise in between calls
  • Allowing for the different time zones, there may be a delay in response but you will receive a response within 24 hours on weekdays

Complete Confidentiality & Professionalism

  • Your conversations are held in strict Confidentiality
  • You will also be served with the highest level of professionalism & excellence according to the standards of Prescient Prophetic Consulting Company.

Choose the Prophetic Consultation Package that best works for you ...

Single Prophetic Consultation Session


(approx USD$100.00)

  • 1 x¬†Consultation Session - 60-75 min Zoom call
  • Free Voxer Access 24/7
    (* for 7 days) 
  • Complete Confidentiality & Professionalism¬†
  • Have the flexibility to¬†choose the frequency & number of sessions

Weekly Prophetic Consultation - 4 Sessions


(approx USD$355.00)

  • 4 x Weekly Consultation Sessions - 60-75 min Zoom call
  • Free Voxer Access 24/7
    (* for 4 weeks) 
  • Complete Confidentiality & Professionalism



Fortnightly / Every 2 Weeks Prophetic Consultation - 2 Sessions


(approx USD$180.00)

  • 2 x Fortnightly / Every 2 Weeks Consultation Sessions - 60-75 min Zoom call
  • Free Voxer Access 24/7
    (* for 2 weeks) 
  • Complete Confidentiality & Professionalism

Monthly Prophetic Consultation - 3 Sessions


(approx USD$260.00)

  • 3 x Monthly¬†Consultation Sessions - 60-75 min Zoom call
  • Free Voxer Access 24/7
    (* for 3 months) 
  • Complete Confidentiality & Professionalism



1:1 Personal Prophetic Breakthrough Session

1 x 60 minute consultation

  • Personal prophetic insight, discernment, understanding, & application
  • Have tangible encounters with the presence of God
  • Experience freedom from what may be holding you back - no matter how long you‚Äôve felt stuck
  • Be encouraged, empowered, & uplifted with God‚Äôs heart for each member
  • Goal setting & plan implementation if required
  • Personally tailored homework & activations
  • Recordings of Sessions

Tanya says, "In my time with Donna clarity came, and through prayer and strategies we are seeing breakthrough in our business."

You will be sent an online calendar link so that you can book in a time that is totally convenient for you, and we will meet over Zoom.

Let's get you your breakthrough ... together!

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Soar To Breakthrough - Podcast Summit, 8th March 2023